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Fixed: Free CC Checker - Credit Card Checker.

AWS Educate Account Free 100$ Credits

A lot of people are selling this AWS Educate Account Free 100$ Credits Method and doing it as a service. I was going to make my own service but instead, I think I will just post for free. It is takes a long time but it works you can get Free 100$ AWS Credits.

1) Navigate to and press the button “Get Started”.
2) Then Sign Up with | Google Acc | Facebook | Github | BitBucket |.
3) Then “Create New Container” and do something.
4) Then navigate to
Note: You can only apply after 7 days from having your account created (After your Container Created)

After 7 days and you apply it will 12 hours to review your info and then you will get on your mail a mail from AWS Educate to complete information about you

After you imput your info and accept the terms and conditions and you will get in max 1-2 hours a mail to set a password for your AWS Educate Account
After you Set UP a password of your AWS Educate Account navigate to AWS Account and activate it.

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