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How To Bypass NordVPN Locked Verification

NORDVPN is now using breach list's to notify users of account leaks & force a password reset, meaning it's hit and miss if you will actually be able to log in...

I see many people saying the NordVPN Premium Accounts aren't working or locked, whatever, and now A lot of people are asking me How To Bypass NordVPN Locked Verification so today now I'm sharing this method, That's a very simple method to bypass this I Hope it is useful to you, have a good one.
1) Firstly you'll obviously need a NordVPN Account, which can be locked.
2) You will download the old version of NordVPN Client [v6.33.10.0]: Click here to Download NordVPN v6.33.10.0
It is the official release, you can search through the internet, I just posted here to be sure that will not "disappear" xd
Since the old client doesn't use the web login you can put the credentials of the account and guess what? Done!

For Android Bypass NordVPN Password Locked Verification:

Use Old Version NordVPN Apk That don't have Web-Login.
you can download from the below links:

Note: After logging in to the old client you just downloaded it will ask you to update the client, you can proceed with it because you would stay login even after updating it.
If this guide is helpful to you don't forget to share it with your friends, Thank you ;)