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Fixed: Free CC Checker - Credit Card Checker.

What is BIN Checker?

BIN Checker allows you to identify the issuing bank by the card number. To begin, enter the first six digits of your bank card number (BIN) and press "Check".

What is BIN & IIN Lookup?
BIN (Bank Identification Number) - the first six numbers that appear on the credit card. The bank identification number specifically identifies the card issuer, the type and category of the card.

If you have a BIN, you know:

Payment system;
Regulation of financial institutions;
The type of card (credit or debit);
Type of card (Electron, Classic, Gold, Maestro, Standard, Platinum, etc.);
Providing the country.
Typically, the bank card number consists of 13 to 19 digits. You can normally see 16 digits on your card. Each number is not just a random number. The first digit always identifies the payment system of your card. For example:

4 - VISA
5 - Mastercard
3 - American Express

The issuing bank then monitors the card type (credit or debit) and the status of the card (Classic, Gold, Platinum).